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Visionman Visionman ARSX-350V30 1U Rackmount Server - ARSX-350V30

ARSX-350V30 1U Rackmount Server5 Star Rating
ARSX350V30 1U Rackmount Server
ARSX-350V30 1U Rackmount Is A Superb Mod That Will Brag Simply How Much Of A Computer Nerd Your Are

Looking to purchase a 1U case for the computer center? Examine the ARSX-350V30 1U Rackmount a great product by Visionman! One of the many key characteristics is the manufactured to the highest quality available. Other highlights include things like with true enhanced performance. and latest technical development. Best deal on ARSX-350V30 1U Rackmount, select the hyperlink below.

visionman rackmount server ideal business snap

Special Price: $2,877.46
Brand: Visionman
MPN: ARSX-350V30
UPC: 812612012377
Qty: 1

Product Description

Ideal for any business, this 1U server can be a snap to install and configure. Utilizing Intel's latest 45nm xeon technology, there is a lot more than enough power to enable concurrent solutions and big user loads. Acserva ARSX-350V30 1U Rackmount Server / Dual Harpertown E5420 (8 Cores) / 8GB FB DDR2-667 / Slim DVD-RW / 4 x 250GB SATA-II RAID Edition / (4) Hotswap Bays / RAID 5 / Hardware Virtualization / Dual Gigabit LAN / Port Teaming / Rails Included. RAM: 8GB Fully Buffered DDR2-667. CPU: Dual Intel Quad-Core Xeon. Hard Drive: 4 x Western Digital 250GB SATA-II RE Video: Onboard.


  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • Latest Technical Development.
  • With True Enhanced Performance.
  • Pack: 1
  • Package Weight: 45 lbs.

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