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Supermicro Case Rackmount CSE-813MTQ-600CB 1U Black 600W 4XSAS/SATA 4XPWM Fan Atx Retail

Case Rackmount CSE-813MTQ-600CB 1U Black5 Star Rating
Case Rackmount CSE813MTQ600CB 1U Black
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If you look on the internet, it truly is easier to get better deals on various merchandise. The Case Rackmount CSE-813MTQ-600CB by Supermicro is a superb item for those who are searching to buy a brand new 1U case. There's no doubt that you will love that the item offers this feature, 1u chassis support for max. motherboard size - 12" x 10" atx. Other highlights include things like dual intel xeon processors. The server case has a weight of 28 lbs. Best deal for the supermicro case rackmount cse-813mtq-600cb 1u black 600w 4xsas/sata 4xpwm fan atx retail. We would like you to get the best price and service when purchasing a server case, please check out the buyers market add to cart button.

supermicro case rackmount black retail chassis

Special Price: $326.26
Brand: Supermicro
UPC: 112039984593
Qty: 1

Product Description

The SC813M 1U Chassis is genuinely a density-optimized mid-level server chassis, ideal for storage appliances, HPC, and datacenters. 85", its compact design houses ATX motherboards of up to 12"x 10"and supports one Full-height, Half-length PCI addon card. Bulk package and quick release slide rails also readily available for HPC and datacenter use. A selection of optional LCD front bezels are also obtainable for consumers who need customization. With a depth of only 19.


  • Humidity Range : 8 - 90% non-condensing.
  • 1U chassis support for max. motherboard size - 12" x 10" ATX.
  • Supermicro Case Rackmount CSE-813MTQ-600CB 1U Black 600W 4x SAS/SATA 4x PWM Fan ATX Retail.
  • 600W AC multi output power supply w/ PFC.
  • Dual Intel Xeon Processors.
  • Pack: 1
  • Weight: 28 lbs.

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